Lucid Dreamer Ennochian XSigil

Enter the garden of your mind, direct the story, remember it all -and seek guidance.

Visit the amazing world of dreams and master it for many benefits at the least:

  • Conscious lucid dreams projecting in order to achieve more power in the present life
  • Creating better contact with the spiritual world and your guardian angel guides
  • Obtaining answers to any questions, even the ones concerning the spiritual path and your soul path here on Earth
  • Infinite erotic fantasies (as we know these are very pleasurable)
  • Access to the Book of Akasha and acquiring valuable information and perhaps even technology that has not yet been discovered at the present time
  • Infinite traveling during your sleep – you can ask your guardian angel or program your dream to visit ancient Greece or other ancient civilizations such as the Sumerian one or go to other planets populated by other civilizations.

Over time, as you work with this Xsigil, your dream understanding skills will strengthen. As you know dreams are usually made up of symbols. You will explore the world of dreams and your abilities may be at a much better level than that of Edgar Cayce.

To achieve even better results, we recommend that you write down your dreams in a notebook each day, right after you wake up.

It is known that dreams are often displayed in the form of symbols, , but not always – sometimes you may hear a conversation, or even carry it out yourself during sleep.    Conscious dreaming is much better than virtual reality – and can give a lot of joy and satisfaction.    The realm of the conscious dream can affect the life in the matter in many different ways – having such tools to explore the world of dreams allows for great opportunities in self-development.

With Lucid Dreamer Xsigil you can achieve a lot, you can understand your sense of life here and now, as well as get answers to seemingly very difficult questions.

Using Lucid Dreamer Xsigil, you can record a text or other audio and repeat it before going to bed to further program your sleep. This is, of course, an example.    A proven way to do this is to contact your guardian angel, or Higher Self – and ask him or her for the right dream, the desired one and the way you want experience it.

Conscious dreaming has finally been mastered – it can be used by anyone with this absolutely reliable tool, which is the Lucid Dreamer Xsigil – and regardless of your belief and faith whether it is possible or not.    The only condition is your proper sensitivity to subtle energies.

This Xsigil can be used with other lucid dreaming techniques – but it can also be used as a single technique – the key here is the time – the longer you use it the better the results are – using it regularly is recommended – after some time these qualities will become like second nature – your life can give you more satisfaction and joy.

It is worth noting that your spirit (soul) during the sleep leaves your body to rest – this is called an astral projection – during this time your body sleeps and dreams are projected in your mind.    This is why it is important to ask either your soul to or a guardian angel (Higher Self) when programming dreams.

During the dream you can travel in time and space, explore the Book of Akasha, or receive visions from the future (visions because the future has not yet occurred) – it is worth knowing that such visions can be a warning type, and do not necessarily have to come true; although they can also show images and sounds that may happen in the future.    When the soul is out of the body, your body is watched over by your guardian spirit (also called Higher Self or Guardian Angel).
Your spirit is connected to your body by a kind of “thread” and your spirit also makes short astral journeys during the day, for example, at times when you see on the clock 11:11, or 12:12, or 15:15, and other hours – these are the moments when your spirit takes a break from your body – this happens especially during the transition from the third dimension to the fourth – especially in our present time, after 2012.

As we know the sleep is a rest for the soul. When it comes down to earth it says: “I go into slavery of the body” – so, the sleep is a kind of recreation for the soul – sleep is very important for optimal and harmonious life and health.

Therefore, you might be tempted to use the Lucid Dreamer Xsigil during the night, while sleeping, but we rather advise against it. However, if you decide to sleep with Xsigil, you can print more copies to divide the energy (that is, for example, if you print 10 copies, 1 copy will have 10% power and thus sleeping with 10% of the total energy, it should not disturb your sleep).

Sleeping with Xsigils is not recommended for sensitive people. It is best to use this Xsigil during the day, regularly and in the hours before bedtime – you can quickly master the art of conscious dreaming this way.
It is worth notice, by the way, that the soul must have time to rest, and sleep is just for that. It is known that when the soul is tired of the present body, and when its time on earth comes to an end, it leaves the body and the death of the physical body occurs. Therefore it is worth to take care of a healthy sleep.

Lucid Dreamer Xsigil is dedicated to those who want, with the help of a reliable tool – to achieve conscious dreaming in a relatively short time and get many answers in their lives as well as experience amazing dreams, look behind the curtain of mystery that is astral projection – and see, experience what happens when our body sleeps – by using this knowledge in everyday life.

Success is guaranteed 99% with the Lucid Dreamer XSigil. Your results with this sigil will gets stronger over the time. All you have to do – is to keep it in your pocket (near body) or leave it on your desk or in the place where you spent most of your time [or watch it via your TV]. Optionally if the power is too strong you can printing more copies of it, because more copies divided the power. If in first week or month you will experience a lots of lucid dreams- don’t stop using it! Many people get “exhausted” when the things going perfectly on their way – like they couldn’t believe what is happening and they quit using certain tool. It’s mistake. If you will noticed that things going your way – keep using it. After certain period of time it will become your second nature.

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