Cygnus Antares Big Dipper Constellation Promo

From, 14 September, the major constellations Cygnus, Antares and Big Dipper aligns for 28 days. This creates a phenomenal event that positively affects Demi God creation.

During this period, all newly created Demi Gods will be in Trinity form. Just as with Jesus Christ-HolySpirit and The Father, or Shiva Kali Mendra, any Demi Gods that come into existence during this period will have three Godhead personas. Yin Yang and Unifier…. an Being about 8X the power of all previous Demi Gods.

The price remains the same, the only difference is the extreme power of this Creature

There is 20% discount for Demi God Project:

And 30% for all products across SMF / HT4Y and Xtrememind during that time.

Etsy: (discount is added automatically)

FastSpring CYGNUSPROMO (at

The promo is active until 11 October 2023.