eXtreme Pendants v.2

eXtreme Pendants v.2

 3 different Versions

There have been created 3 versions of eXtreme Pendants v.2 for achieve things related to:

  • eXtreme Pendant v.2 for Wealth, money, riches

  • eXtreme Pendant v.2 for Sex, love, attraction

  • eXtreme Pendant v.2 – General purpose, such as healing, protection, manifesting different wishes

Better to choose one topic – so the energy of pendant will be focused on one goal therefore your results will be more laser-focused and way better then  going into 10 directions at once. Just imagine you want make 10 things at once – how much effective it will be? And now just focus your mind on the one thing, your full power on one goal. Focusing on one goal will give you guaranteed success.

The eXtreme Pendant v.2 works that why that it activate and add metaphyscial energy to your personal energy and finally by the theory that everything in the Universe vibrates and each similar vibration attract other similar vibration. The opposite vibrations do not magnetize and do not tend to attract  opposite – they even repel each other. Now imagine that in small or medium eXtreme v.2 pendant you have encoded vibration of Supreme Wealth, and it affects your energetic field – therefore you will start attract wealth. It is simple.

Also, these eXtreme Pendants maybe are not very rafined from artistic and visual side, it’s not much about jewellery. Actually all across the Internet many people offer different orgone pendants – and it’s almost became a synonym that orgone pendant is the part of jewellery. While here on SMF & HT4Y the main goal is to make a real change in the reality for desired output. So it’s not orgone pendant made out of the transparent resin with flowers inside.

These eXtreme v.2 Pendants are also not made in Don Croft and HHG’s style. eXtreme Pendant v.2 does not contains any metal shavings or large crystals. It is has modern form of orgonite that is set for generating bio-available field of energy. The orgone composition here is to amplify the metaphysical aspect of supernatural energies, like Solomonic or Archangels energies.

You can refer these pendants more to magic. However this is modern magic with help of radionics and the lastest explorations. In the nutshell these pendants are set for effectiveness.

These pendants are quite powerful and can be made for following topics:

  • Sex, Love, Attraction

  • Money, Wealth, Riches

  • Protection

  • For your personal different issues

  • Motivation

  • Self-Assertivness

  • Self-Confidence

  • Self-Esteem & Self-Acceptance

  • Solve Problems

  • Emotional Calm

  • Pragmatic Attitude

  • Business Success

  • Persuasion Skills

  • Healing & Recovery

  • Stress Release and Relaxation

  • Energy & Vitality

  • Overcome Fatigue

  • Dietetary Discipline

  • Intuition

  • Charisma & Personal Magnetism

  • Leadership

  • Communication Skills & Public Speaking

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Attract Friends

  • Enjoy People

  • Become Romantic

  • Project Strenght & Security

  • Attract New Love or A Special Love

  • Strenghten current Love Relationship

  • Boost Poetry Writting Skills

  • Boost Music Talent

  • Mathematical Skills

  • Scientific Undarstanding

  • Possible Invention

  • Pass Tests

  • Wisdom & Knowledge

  • Boost Intelligence

  • Brainstroming and New Concepts Quick

  • Ability to find Fun in Learning

  • Fast Learning

  • Languages Learning

  • Increase Mental Energy

  • Powerful Intuition

  • Creativity

  • Mental Healing

  • Physcial Healing

  • and much more

The eXtreme v.2 core has an intelligent energy and pendant can be made for one of the above topics. You can choose also if this should be the Wealth or Attraction, or General Purpose. The process of creation has two major energetic components – the 1st v.2 optimization and programming for your desired goal. The second component is the etherical charging. The etherical charging add very important feature – the Combat System – which transmutes all negative energies into postive ones and set the protection of the pendant. This is important in case of low vibations that usually stick to different metaphyscial objects.

eXtreme Pendants v.2 are aproximatelly 8-15 times more effective as it goes with manifesting in compare to eXtreme Pendants v.1

There is guarantee that these pendants works, and you can be sure that you will achieve your desired goal/s or receive huge metaphysical help.


Success Guaranteed !

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