MLF da Money 2.6

 MLF da Money 2.6


This is MLF da Money. MLF stands for “Magnetic Lines of Force”. This product is designed to program your mind as you prepare to go to sleep and transform you into a magnet for wealth and luck.

The original MLF da Money was written in 1998 and has helped hundreds of people since its first release. This version is upgraded, spells from Phillippine Folk Magick have been streamed under the audible portion of the program, and these call beneficial spirits and forces to your aid in helping you become a more prosperous you. Use it risk-free for 30 days, if not fully satisfied, send me an email and I will give you a chargeback, no questions asked.

  • Main Track recommended use 30 days – at least 1 time before sleep. (Optionally 1 time after wake up). This track has streamed wealth&luck spell and some other money&wealth spells into it.

  • Music track This one, you can just play out loud in your place of business or at home or listen through headphones or loud speakers. Because it has ultra luck and wealth streamed into it, it will imbibe your place with the vibes for creating money.

Famous creator of this “Magic Money Mp3″ said: From the power of the spells inside, 1 week should be enough to observe results, even if the prescription says 1 month. (while listen 1 time after wake up and 1 time before sleep = 2 times per day).


When Tycoons Feel Poor, This is What They Do  

The FluShot for Poverty

Success of previous version MLF da Money

       Create the Millionaire’s Mindset

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  • Why do some people grow rich when others don’t ?

  • What’s the mystery of money ?

  • Have you ever wondered what the secret to abundance is ?

  • Is the secret being real smart ?

  • Then why are so many Mensa-level IQ people eking out a miserable living ?

 Is it about looking good ? Perhaps, but then again, being good looking is very temporary. Besides there are a million other good-looking people and many of them are still economically miserable.

 Some say the secret is hard work. Then why do some people work hard all their lives and still end up in the gutter…while some people make money even while they sleep ? No, hard work can’t be the secret.

 Okay. Let’s cut the chase. The secret is that, before all else,  ONE GETS RICH BY THINKING RICH. Yes ! This is the secret, and is true on so many levels. Have you ever seen and read the book by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich?” If you haven’t, you should mozey down to the nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of this wonderful classic.

 Other writers have followed in the footsteps of Napoleon Hill… other great works such as  “Millionaire Mind” by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley, “How to Succeed” by Brian Adams  and “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder soon entered the wealth manifestation scene.

Now, while these works are great, they have one thing in common. They require at the very least,  rigid mental discipline so that your mind focuses solely on riches and abundance.  If not that, then a regimen of “affirmations” to create certain mental habits and beliefs that make the mind “money conscious”.

What these authors perhaps did not know, or perhaps the technology did not exist at the time, is that  these mental habits and positive beliefs can be directly installed into the mind  using the cutting-edge Mind Technologies!  Of course, affirmations and meditation on wealth work. Mental discipline about focusing on Money, Wealth and Opportunity is a good thing. The problem is…it takes too much conscious effort to stick to it.  It’s like quitting smoking or sticking to a diet, the journey is just an uphill climb or moving against a river’s flow. This is why despite reading these great works, most readers just quit and fail to operationalize those principles, or worse, don’t even begin at all. And hence they just simply fail to reap the rewards of luck and wealth that should have been theirs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be made so that you could program your mind, as if you were born with these life-enriching mental patterns, without having to consciously bludgeon, squeeze and constrict your mind with a new mental discipline as taught in those books ?

 Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just sit back, relax, and listen to soothing music and a gentle spoken spiel, which will just install those beliefs and mental attitudes in your mind naturally and effortlessly?  Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it ?

MLF da Money is a manifestation script which was created following the huge success of MLF da Babe. The “MLF” in both scripts stand for “Magnetic Lines of Force” which is the operative element in attracting whatever the script is designed for. It attracts women, in the case of MLF da Babe, and wealth/riches/opportunities in the case for MLF da Money. Like MLF da Babe, MLF da Money started out as an active “visualization exercise” which a person internally enacts. It’s like an internal, mental “ritual” of sorts, a ritual of mentally pulling to yourself various material riches in great abundance. Eventually, it was found that there is much more value in enclosing this mental “ritual” inside of a relaxation script, which puts the listener in the right state of mind for manifestation and makes one more receptive to positive messages about wealth, abundance and “luck”.

The reader is advised that it is not the goal of MLF da Money to deliver outrageous expectations, such as winning the lotto (although that in itself could be possible) What has been proven to do is that MLF da Money programs into the listener’s mind an “Opportunity Consciousness” which is a very crucial requisite to financial success. Along with this reprogramming of the mind to accept and integrate positive beliefs and mental habits regarding money, come the various pleasant side-effects brought about by the Causality Engineering aspect of MLF da Money. Money and opportunities to create wealth seem to come from the most unexpected quarters. Some report sudden tax refunds, others the “unexpected” arrival of a pre-approved credit card, while some generally come into contact with great money-making opportunities.

While creating psychological habits of wealth is a magnificent outcome in and by itself, the reader is advised to understand that such mental habits and powerful beliefs trigger forces in the universe that will move to align the person’s will with physical reality. In short, the reality that  a person creates in his mind, he eventually creates in this plane of reality. This is why positive mental habits are very essential in the first place. And MLF da Money installs these positive mental habits and beliefs, easily and effortlessly, as you prepare to go to sleep. Have you ever watched “The Matrix” where Trinity requests for a program to install knowledge to fly a Bell Helicopter and her mind is instantly plugged into the program and filled with that specific information? We’re not yet there, but suffice it to say, MLF da Money could well be the granddaddy of that kind of technology.


 The MLF da Money CD Set

In the five (5) years since MLF da Money was written, tested, researched on and improved, one thing has been noticed. Because money and material possessions are a more constant and pervading concern than women and sex, it was noted that it is desirable to be exposed to MLF da Money much more frequently than to MLF da Babe, until such time when the subject actually reaps and manifests riches. This way, the budding millionaire mind will not be opposed by the physical “realities” any more.

The original MLF da Money script is a very hypnotic track and can put a receptive mind into deep trance and thus can only be used at night or during available times of privacy.

Listening to a vocalized wealth script in public could be an awkward situation,  thus the Meta-Mind team developed an accompanying soundtrack which, when listened to, features only special, relaxing music and nature sounds, without the vocal track. MLF da Money- Music CD will not put the listener into very deep altered states and thus may be used throughout the normal “waking” day. The difference though, is that encoded within the music and nature sounds are the same positive messages about money and wealth that are present on the MLF da Money script CD. You will not perceive them, but your subconscious mind will hear them and will begin to act on them, especially with constant exposure to the music.

Thus, just listening to this “music” CD will inspire your mind to create wealth !

 Now, imagine this. If simply listening to this CD will do wonders for your fortune and finances, what would happen if you were an entrepreneur and played this music in your office, for your whole staff to hear ? Can you imagine what would happen when everyone is stricken by this passion and unrelenting drive to create value for your company ?  Or say, what would happen if you played this magical music right in your home and thus also inspire your wife and children, or parents and siblings to create wealth ? How great is the value of this kind of inspiration to a firm or household ? Can you imagine it already ?

Thus the MLF da Money 2.0 package consists of two CD’s. The first is MLF da Money-Visualization CD which includes the vocal track that takes the listener into an active visualization exercise. Use this CD at night as your lullabye track, follow the visualization instructions, and use it to bring you to a deep, restful sleep. This system was favored in order to be as effective, convenient and unintrusive for the user as possible.

 The second CD is MLF da Money Music CD, which contains soothing, stress-busting music encoded with powerful, positive messages of luck, fortune and wealth. Use this CD during the course of the normal day, in the office or at home. Because this CD still has trance-inducing qualities due to the embedded Trance Engine tm technology,  please do not listen to this soundtrack while driving or performing any action which requires your total, focused attention.

Thus, the MLF da Money package is a complete system by which you can expose to positive programming of money, luck and wealth as often as you like.

 Real People Write about MLF da Money

By now, you are surely thinking that this is too good to be true. Initially released in 1998, the text script was released to the public domain and was independently recorded and tested.  The version described here is modified from the original, the script being adjusted and strengthened, and further bolstered with the Trance Engine tm Altered State Acceleration system.

 Here’s what real people have written about MLF da Money. For reasons of privacy, I will not complete their names, but nonetheless where indicated, their posts can be read from the message archive of the mindlist at

 Tommy C from Rome, Italy (over Yahoo messenger, describing MLF da Money 2.0)

“Yeah, MLF da Money suddenly opened up opportunities for money”.

 Hello group,

i wanted to give small testimonal for mp3 file which is in mindlist archives, namely mlf money.

Other day I was simply listening to that file at home and relaxing a bit. I didn’t have any expectations, when I was trying stuff out.

After that I totally forgot about it.

Later, from thin air my former classmate rang to my mobile phone. He has a small company, which makes public relations for other companies. And he asked if I had a job and that he had proposal, so it would be very good if we could meet.

So we met the other day with him at cafe and started to talk. I enquired what should I do, and how the idea come to their head in doing this things, because that work was not at all related with

their core business.  Anyway, it turned out that they have read some magazine and there was article about that thing. And they wanted to do this as it could be very profitable oppurtunity for them.

Only when I went home, I came to conclusion that listening that mp3 was one of causes why that situation occured and i had possibility to work at that job. Thing is why he called exatly then not months before? I can’t really explain this otherwise.

By the way, I still don’t know whether to accept that job, because that job is aligned with my abilities, but not necessary to wishes.

 At 06:10 PM 5/30/99 -0000, qui_jonn_gin@h… wrote:

I’ll chalk this up to coincidence for now. I recorded and listened to  Jobet’s MLF Da Money script and have listened to it once. Yesterday, after  being informed of a potential opportunity by an internet business  aquaintance, I replied with an e-mail saying that the offer sounded  incredible but that I was low on funds. I listened to my recording this  morning. This afternoon my aquaintance offered to front the cash to join  this new venture in exchange for me helping out with designing banners and such. Pretty neat.

Well, this morning my parents called me to let me know they were sending  out this month’s rent check for me, even though they had told me they  weren’t going to earlier. (I’m a broke college student. Go figure.) It  seems Da Money will now be part of my regular listening!

I seem to be getting more conections and refrences out of the blue to connect me to a job. but, I, of course ha ha, am still out of work. But MLF da Money seems to be working on my girlfriend and she does not listen to it. I do it for her per elroys instructions and she gets more customers now that pay her 500 to leave the club and go gambling, Plus gambling money. This is Las Vegas of course were on average she makes 500 a night and every 2nd or 3rd night she’ll make 1000. The other girls which are willing to do more nasty things in the club do not make as much.

Elroy’s original instructions

Actually, YOU can do an MLF thing for her too. Just visualize her getting more dances, more tips, more money. Imagine the thrill of her coming back with heaps of cash. Think about how thrilled she’ll be when she comes in, throws her arms around you, and dumps all her tips on the bed. Contemplate the wonder of your savings growing larger and larger. Think about happy tippers; the stage filled with bills, so much that your lady has to shovel the stuff up! Every night after you reach a nice, relaxed state, play with these great images, doing whatever you need to do to make them as real and vivid and ‘great-feeling’ as you can.

Save up some cash so that you guys can throw it on the bed and wriggle around in it. Do whatever turns you on in such a way that whenever you think about her job, you both think, ‘wow, what a great thing – I’m making so much money, and I love it!’

Thanks Elroy and of course Jobet

Just bouncing some ideas around. BTW MLF the babe is better in my opinion that some commercial tapes out there such as the (cant say that here). Congratulations to the writers.

Live with passion,

ching ching


By now it’s easy to see that MLF da Money should be part of every civilized person’s life toolkit. Every person who has to concern himself with money and material possessions should have positive values about wealth installed in him.

Now that you understand the principles of cosmic manifestation, venture a guess… what would happen if your competitor was already using this product and having his staff listen to MLF da Money- Music CD, and you are not ? What if the “next guy” in line for that dream job you want was “magically called in” for that interview after listening to MLF da Money ? Think about it.

 Thus, as you feel that urge and the urge to act on that urge, act decisively now to put your financial destiny into your own hands.

Guarantee ? You Got It !

Five years of testing and documenting results, the Meta-Mind team has now put down pat the parameters of MLF da Money. While most users report sudden, unexpected emergence of opportunities to make money, we will not  guarantee the emergence this effect, but rather allow the user to enjoy its serendipitous manifestation. What we will guarantee is a powerful change of attitude with regard to money, wealth and opportunity after listening to the CD set as instructed for at least a fortnight straight. Your mind will be filled with positive affirmations and beliefs about wealth. Beliefs which will propel you to pursue wealth-creating endeavors and ventures, and eventually bring you to financial success. You will become very sensitive to opportunity, to the point where you can almost smell opportunity before it becomes perceptible to others who do not use MLF da Money 2.0.  If you do not  experience these effects , mail back the MLF da Money CD set and you will receive a full refund on your purchase. You will continue to enjoy MLF da Money’s effects until the time when a recharge is needed.  We are quite certain though that you will want to  keep MLF da Money  2.0 even after its effects have become permanent, perhaps as a memento which marks where your success all started from. Why can we give this guarantee ? Because we are perfectly certain that this system works !

A Short Word on The Trance Enginetm Technology

The Trance Enginetm technology is a product of  more than seven years of research, immersion and involvement in various mind technologies. Trance Engine tm  is a complete altered state acceleration system which is included in all Meta-Mind products and is configurable for an entire range of applications such as quitting smoking, energy boosting, increasing intelligence, opening chakras, astral projection and the like. It’s like the Swiss knife of MindTech and can be configured for any mind application conceivable.. It is also the implementing technology for Jobet’s version of the “Conscience ControlTM” hypnotic copyright protection system.*  When a listener is exposed to Meta-Mind soundtracks with Trance Engine, he will notice a rapid drop into the desired trance state or a powerful and immediate surge of energy, depending on what is called for. Trance Engine tm is present in both MLF da Money- Visualization CD and MLF da Money Music CD.


MLF da Money 2.6

This is MLF da Money. MLF stands for “Magnetic Lines of Force”. This product is designed to program your mind as you prepare to go to sleep and transform you into a magnet for wealth and luck.

The original MLF da Money was written in 1998 and has helped hundreds of people since its first release. This version is upgraded, spells from Phillippine Folk Magick have been streamed under the audible portion of the program, and these call beneficial spirits and forces to your aid in helping you become a more prosperous you. Use it risk-free for 30 days, if not fully satisfied, send me an email and I will give you a chargeback, no questions asked.



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