MP3 and AT (in one) FAQ

FAQ for MP3s and Audio Talismans (in one) FAQ 2020

How do I actually use these files and audio talismans?

You can listen to them or use as Audio Talismans.,
The “x” power, these are different level of power. Higher ones are more strong. The power “x” are both for listening as for using like audio talismans.

Please refer to an example of power here:

Will it still work when I am not a patron anymore?

After your 1st payment these can be used without any restrictions by you and your blood-relatives. Payments are processed at 1th maximally up to 2nd of each particular month. I am giving them confidently before 1st payment at your end because of the powerful copy-right protection spell (apply for you and your blood-relatives).

Are changes permanent?

No, to making them permanent you need to use them at least for 60-90 days, and even ahead. However some effects are visible by many clients within 1-14 days. It’s related to energy abilities of person – those who are more sensitive usually seen effects at day 1, and those less sensitive see within 14 days, however there is about 5% of clients (those completely not sensitive to energy), which didn’t see any effects (usually because individual blockages to radionics/chi energy or by complex personal disbelief’s).

How long until I see results?

It’s personal and individual issue. If you are sensitive you will see it within few days or less. If you are not sensitive, it may takes more time, there are chances of 5-10% that it will not works for you (being completely not sensitive) and 90-95% that it will works for you pretty well.

How to using it during the day? (regarding VirtualExperiences mp3/ATs)

Indeed as you wish. You can meditate with it, this will works especially if you are sensitive to energies. You can listen to by laying down, or during another activities, but do not operate heavy machinery while using it. And you can use it on pen-drive with desired amount of copies.

Can I rename the files? I have to do this in order to have multiple copies on the pen drive…

(UNDER WINDOWS OS) No, no need to do. Just go to your file manager and hover mouse on the file, use right button of your mouse and from context menu chose “COPY” and than go within the file manager to your pen-drive and click once again right button of your mouse and chose “PASTE” – and than once again being now at your pen-drive’s localization on disk, click right and chose “COPY” and than click right and chose “PASTE” and repeat it until desired amount of copies.

Instead of clicking with mouse you can click left button of mouse on file and use these keywords combinations:



For example you, if you have 10 files, you can check them all, and chose “COPY” and than “PASTE”, so you have 20 files.

Do I need add pictures to folder? (regarding VirtualExperiences mp3/ATs)

No, this feature is available ONLY with ConvertAnyFilesToAudioTalisman

and these two:

  1. ConvertAnySigilToAudioTalisman/ 

I’ll use these for a few days and wait what happens?

Yes, something like that. Optionally make more audio talismans. You need to keep the pen-drive near your body, like for example in your pocket, I recommend right side of the body, its generate alpha vibes.

Can I use all audio talismans at once? Will this extend time before chi-overload?

[this is not medical advice] Yes, it’s the idea behind of Audio Talisman, to creating “personalized” and “unique” combinations of different files and using the at once (like virtual pendants that can hold different tools for variety of goals with possibility use them all at once). The Chi overload is the process of accumulation energy, some people experience it faster, some later, and it appears in both cases (using one file or many files). It’s like the body is a vessel, and once it’s fully filled – the chi overload appears. In case of men, the ejaculation act release many external energies, and decrease the total amount of men’s energy and deal with chi-overload. By using external sources of energy, it’s recommend to perform physical exercises, and not doing sedentary lifestyle, because it could lead to: 1. Energy spikes 2. Nerve-pains. Working out with energies, giving benefits, but body is body, when it’s filled with energy one need to find ways to release them in variety of ways, physical exercises boost balance of energies, and this way the “final point of chi-overload” may appears much later. [this is not medical advice].

These (files, audio talismans) which have higher “x”, like 20,000x, contains more energy, therefore using them, may lead to faster chi-overload (people which are completely not sensitive to energy, usually experience chi-overload very rarely). Anyway using them (ATs) at once or separately for chi-overload is neutral, what is crucial is the total amount of “x” powers.

Endless Rise  – Your recommendations on using Endless Rise with your AT’s? 

I was testing Endless Rise with ATs and it seems to works, by increasing their energy field. For doing it, attach (for example with adhesive tape, microSD card ideally (or pen-drive)) to Endless Rise. Also you need to keep the Endless Rise near your body.

I was also testing Endless Rise with Speakers, and its worked the best when it’s attached to speaker or tightly between two speakers, the same it (Endless Rise) boost the field/amplify the energy from speakers. The speakers may play all day long at low volume, and the energy will fill any room, stay in the room will affect your body within few minutes of being there. Playing MP3/ATs via speakers can be considered as “passive” way of changing your mind by the energy which is accumulated in room.

I want max power and fast results

Regarding max possible power at once, I would keep in mind that if you will:

1. Use the power amount that is right for you. (‘right’ means not too much, refer to this: chi-overload-common-side-effects)
2. For at least 14-30 days
The effect will be very stable and will gets stronger with each day.
And it will also save your health without possible stress outs, etc.
Having this in mind: right_energy_amount+time = great_effect.

Too much power as it goes with attraction tools, can even generate reverse effect, because your energy field is overpowered, which may lead to make females turn off. Not all tools, but it may happen. It can be also related to mind of the operator that can’t handle [well] such amounts of power [this came with experience]. At old XM’s forum; Elroy said once that when going outside to public places with power of JU99 is enough (via Transfer Link), while in his opinion power of UltraRADLongHorn is literally overkill; this make sense.

There are people who are using one copy of 20x and it’s enough for them.
I have found that the amount of “x” power / strength that is not too much for you, the one which you almost feel, or even don’t feel is the best, and the effects still appears, maybe are not too intense, anyway lower amounts are and should be attractive as the higher ones.

This is also related to: neediness, or impatience, [or passion for experiencing strong emotions].

After using different audios (SMF and other creators/vendors) I feel sensation in different areas of my body. I’ve used audio from your website too as well as from [another creator]. The first time I listened to [another creator] one felt like it was sky high. However, after some time these effects disappears? Also how is your extraordinary luck audio different from all the others out there? And why do I feel sensation in my abdomen, head, and chest area? 

[this is not medical advice, ask your doctor in case of any questions related to your health].

The boost effect is usually related to the brain, the first time you are using certain audio, your mind recognizes it as something very new and exciting, the next time you are listening to it,your brain already knows it, and you can not feel it. It is also related to endorphins release.If you overdose or listen too much, the effect may not appear, to revoke it, some time needs to pass by.
Sensations in the body are related to nerve-pains, this means that you are sensitive or even very sensitive to energy,and you need to listen less, or use these tools less, and choose lower “x” power / strength files.Also take care to not stress out yourself.
The same, for sensitive people to energy, effects are a bit related to their current mood, or in case you are over listen / overdose – you mind/brain can feel exhausted, weary, and this can lead to feeling that something does not work as you want it to be.
Try using HT4Y/SMF and other vendors/creators products less and choose only “low power” ones.
The extraordinary luck, first of all, is very strong (up to 20,000x), and secondly it’s based only upon Sigil and chi energy only. No affirmations, no human energy within like subliminal.

I suppose that you are using energy tools for long period of time now. It will be good for you body and mind to make a break,

try reading this article: to find out if you experiening chi-overlod / over-stimulation. 

How much “x” contains M10 in full format? How this compare to Max Power of last upgrade of Boost Sensitivity to any Tools?

M1 is usually equal to: Its about 100,000x x 10000000000 = 100,0000000000000.

Boost sensitivity has different naming as it goes with it’s name. [

The M1, M2, M3 naming has been used at first time few weeks/months after publishing boost sensitivity tool.

M1 means 10x more power to its previous file*. If in folder More power the last one is 100,000x (in the decimal system, its not regarding the power ones that has 120,000 or 240,000x, just regarding the last one which has “1” and “0” only within name, in some different downloads it can be 100,000,000,000 or 100,000,000,000,000) [in another words the last one which ends with counting “0” after “1” and when begins name M1 – it means that you need to take last sum and multiply it by 10, if this is M2 you multiply it by 100 – so the M1 will means 100,000x x 10 = 10,000,000x. Take calculator and count the last one in “more power” by 10000000000 (M10) and you will have its estimated value in “x”.