2018 Vacations’s Song #2 – Ladies Man

IMG to MP3.

New amazing reality creation mp3s at SMF.

Sexual Health Theme, for men – based upon images of ladies men (one guy and many attractive women).

There are 4 pictures on which one guy is surrounded by many hot women.

It’s made upon one energy (audio spell):

Another idea is love/sex/p0rn images into mp3 – and cut the male energies, so for example if took JPG with a guy that talk with a gal in bar – it would manifest “conversation”,

If took “guy that dancing with girl”, it would manifest dancing with girl, and if took sexual images, it would manifest something similar which is on pictures.

This type of manifesting Energy is at this time only for men, also with protection against negative manifestations, like violence, or so; dark energies, etc etc.

The idea is to creating manifestation of what picture shows: for example, if there is a group of women and one guy it will manifest for client possibility of being in the group of women,

If there is the situation of kissing couple on picture, it will lead to manifesting of getting a girl for user and kissing with her, if there is at picture couple at bikes (woman and man) it would manifest for client getting into bike ride with a girl.

Generally it’s one more attempt for making user easily jump into love relationships.

Kind of continuation of the Blow J. Powers and you can find here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/blog/2019/11/09/2018-vacationss-song-blow-j-powers/ how this idea born.

Indeed the new energy IMAGE to MP3 gives huge possibilities and can create new Digital Fantasy Girls realms.

Main idea here is to create an effect of man that is desired and respected by many women.

I hope that this MP3 and Audio Talisman will make you high during these Vacations. Yes, each file can be used as audio talisman at the same time.

Files also include two healing frequencies, from which – one is dominant (for connections and relationships).

Made with Silent Bliss Hypnotic v.2.

The best if you can use it for at least 14 days. If the attraction factor is too strong – don’t scary – accept it and don’t give up.

Use these mp3s and audio talismans on your own responsibility and use them wisely. Never treat them as a Toy.

$29 https://dashboard.tinypass.com/download?did=D8tluhf