Audio Talismans FAQ
(what it is and for)

AT (Audio Talismans) concept is simple. Imagine that you can create in help of pen-drive (or any drive, memory like on your smartphone, iphone, microSD, etc etc) your own unique virtual pendant composed from different AT (audio talismans) – by pendant I understand here an object that is charged for achieving certain goal for example wealth – and at the same time you can increase it’s power (by making more copies of particular AT’s file) to your own needs.
For making it – copy one or more copies of AT2 (and mp3 made with Audio Talisman Device v.2) or AT3 (made with Audio Talisman Love Device v.3) or any mp3s that is made with “Silent Bliss Engine (or Hypntic. v.2) [other modifications of silent ones]” or SAT (Silent Audio Talisman) – and accordingly to how many copies and for what titles are for – you are receiving customized “virtual” pendant/energy tool.
Pendrive or microSD, any memory – carry about 2 cals around body, or sometimes up to 3 cals – the audio talismans are activated by human body and generate energy accordingly for which are made and the power out-put is as much powerful as many copies there are.
If audio talisman (loaded on pen-drive, any drive) are away from human energy field they goes like into “sleep” and is not active.
They are especially useful when listening is not able to achieve, or for those who prefer using pendants, gems instead of listening to mp3s.
“Its like someone can use amethyst gem for relaxation purposes, the audio talisman concept giving possibilities of using different “gems” [in form of digital flies programmed/charged for certain goal] at once in different proportions and combinations by copy and past files or adding other titles.”

It’s like each copy of file have own energy which is activated near your body, when on your phone’s memory there are about 300 files [provided they are Audio Talismans] – they generate energy and affect your body. It’s individual question how much is enough, people sensitive to energy prefer less copies, while those who didn’t feel choosing more copies.

Quick Audio Talismans FAQ

On this webpage you may find the audio talismans made with the AT2 Device. Copy them (in many copies if required) on any memory like pen-drive [i-phone, mp3-player] and it will trun this “memory” stick into pendant. Keep the “memory stick” near your body.

It’s very simple. Copy any Audio Talisman MP3 on any memory like pen-drive or iphone and it will radiate with energy,
transforming the memory into pendant. More copies, more power. Choose your own desired energy output.

More info about Audio Talismans you may find here:
and here:

Energies which are used in each Audio Talisman do not have detailed descriptions here on this page – you may find full descriptions under this link:

Audio Talismans are exactly for what their titles indicate – below each of AudioTalisman there is the list of energies included within.

Be aware – there is strong Copyright Energy encoded into each Audio Talisman Mp3 – after you order any of these Audio Talismans – only you and your blood-relatives can use these AT legally.
To make it clear: each product is preprogrammed to be positively active for the individual = single person only who own it on a legal way, i.e. via buying;
consequently – it is completely useless for all other “second hand” users, resellers, distributors, etc;
moreover, the preprogramming applied by proceeds on a level inaccesible to manipulation/hacking”.

Question: For all audio talismans , do pendants need to be purchased for all? 
Answer: Completly not. Audio Talismans turn any of your digital memory like pen-drive, phone, sd-cards into virtual pendants, you can customize your digital memory with different audio talismans and making differences between quantity of copies and therefore creating desired powerful digital pendant customized for your needs at any time. However it is not needed to order physical pendant. Its for you and your bloodrelatives ture joy for a lifetime.


SMF & HT4Y Mp3s Uprgades Request – If you are previous user and want huge discount for some of mp3s/ATs that has been uprgaded recently – post your request here: and we will contact with you and provide the link to upgraded version of mp3/ATs (with massive discount for you) – Requirement: You have to own original lastest copy of mp3/AT available at official websites AND at the same time have it at your Tinypass account.

All Audio Talismans (for example AT2) are experimental; no statements on this site are evaluated by the FDA. None of the Spells are intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is your responsibility to assess the viability of alternative treatment processes by research and experimentation.

Additional AT’s FAQ

Question: For the MillionaireMindPower I’ve received one mp3 –  I find only one Mp3 file?
I’ve made 3 copies of it into different folders. Is there any need to listen to this, can i listen to it if I wish to. Do I need to keep the Pen Drive with me at all times? and for how long?

Answer: MillionaireMindPowerAT2 it’s one file without pictures.
You copy it into one folder. It’s fully customized – try starting with 20-80 copies – and see if the power output is not too strong. If not, then copy and paste more copies. Some people like 200 copies some other 1200 or even 2000. While some more sensitive people prefer to keep 40-80 copies.
Yes, you have to keep the pen-drive near your body to activate the energies. Leaving the pen-drive away from your body will not works. Good idea is to attach cotton string to pen-drive and wear it on chest.
AND Audio Talismans are not for listening – only for carry them on any digital drive memory near your body. Carry drive during the day will be enough. According to mind-change while doing visualization/affirmations – 14-30 days should give desired result – but if you are able to see that things going better – it is recommended to keep the pen-drive with copies of AT2 as long as you want experience more positive changes.

These pictures are encoded energetically into the mp3 of this audio talisman. They are not in sale separatelly but the audio track of this Audio Talisman is charged additionally with these pictures – in the effect they appear in mind in form of unvisible visualizations as long as you using (keep near your body) this Audio Talisman.

Silent Audio Talismans FAQ

Silent Audio Talismans FAQ

These are created in help of an modification of Audio Talisman Device, which:

  • React literally to the sound track
  • Can hold up to 10 audio spells and up to 5 pictures

In practice it gives these features:

  • If audio has 12Hz frequency after charging audio talisman will put your body into resonance of 12hz, so you will be able to experience for example states of relaxation
  • If audio has Rife frequencies – the same your body will be put into Rife frequency resonance and give you desired result dependently on which particular rife frequency is.
  • If this is Solffegio tone, or chakras frequencies, Moon or Jupiter frequency it will always making your body vibrate in those frequencies.
  • If this is voice track recording with words in your native language and translation in forgin language – and if as audio spells are used energies for learning = in effect you will learn much more faster; supported by unconscious mind/body energies – the words.
  • If this is any lecutre, voice track, like Science of Getting Rich by Napoleon Hill, and there are used audio spells for learning, the ideas from these book will be apply to your energy body and then to your mind – finally making a change.
  • This can be even erotic story or just anything – and can be transformed into energy tool – even music.

Silent Audio Talismans are mostly for:

  • healing
  • learning
  • manifesting anything possible

Usage – is the same as standard audio talismans.

Use them carefully and on your own responsibility.

How Much is Enough?

at any time you feel not comfortable- it is the sing to decrease quantity of ATs or just take a break. It’s the physiological reaction of the body that saying: “it’s enough”.

If you are new to it – ideally would be to find the “comfortable” amount of ATs. If your max is 250 then about 100-150 maximally thru period of 14-30 days will be most beneficial.

Their effects mostly can be seen within few hours, sometimes faster – however for stable results they have to be used at regular basis. For example if someone is after heavy partying next day may feel hangover – by using ImmortalityAndAntiAgingAT2 most of not nice side effects may disappear and this person may start feeling much better.

Over the time the effects gets stronger because body and mind get accustom to the energy amplification of ATs programmed for specific goals. In another words body and mind changing over the time. It’s like using Amethyst gem that change subtle vibrations and the same here.

It’s proven that mind gets changed after period of 3-4 weeks. Some doctors send patients exactly for a period of 3-4 weeks – while being at holidays away from home – at 1st week they feel like they are still in home, at 2nd week they feel like a bit at home and a bit at holiday’s place, and in 3rd week most people reported they start to forget about home and accustom to new place, in 4th week they experienced the state of mind change – in form they completely forget about home’s problems and started to feeling relief.

The same with visualization. If you repeat mind visualization and do it for 4 hours in row – or listen if the one is recorded – the effect can be visible even the same day – but for making the stable mind change you should repeat the visualization everyday thru 30 days.

With affirmations the same rule, most people says 30-40 days.

The Audio Talismans works automatically – the only thing to find comfortable quantity and use it at regular basis.

Few people reported me via email that small amount of ATs works good too, in your case it would be 50 in compare to amounts that you have mention.

Of course please don’t sleep with them – sleep is very important and is kind of natural healer.