3M Arcturian Spells

3 Months Arcturian Spells

Temporary three months Arcturian XSigils
With the full power of our permanent Autospells.
Same power as XSigil, after three months these will expire

Useful in variety of applications
or you want to try before purchasing permanent one.

You can check, test, experiment or using to accumulate new knowledge, learning languages, prepare for exams.

All XSigils are delivered in MP4 format and designed to be watched via TV, Tablets, Phone.
Also works similarly to Audio Talismans.

Synergy of three elements: Energy, Sound and Motion.

Available 3Mo Arcturian XSigils:

01 Arcturian Prosperity XSigil – read description
02 Arcturian Wetness Cilt Stimmulator XSigil – read description
03 Arcturian Thor Armour XSigil (Protection) – read description
04 Arcturian Karma Xtreme XSigil – read description
05 Arcturian The Gambler Xtreme XSigil – read description
06 Arcturian Winds of Changes Xsigil – read description
07 Arcturian Soulmate Twin Flame Xsigil – read description
08 Arcturian Micro Cosmic Orbit Enhancer XSigil – read description
09 Arcturian Godly Comms XSigil – read description
10 Arcturian Angelic Hand of God XSigil Autospell – read description
11 Arcturian Angelic Shield Maiden XSigil Autospell – read description
12 Arcturian Fountain of Bliss Xsigil – read description
13 Arcturian Animal Spirit XSigil – read description
14 Arcturian Turst (Eye of God) XSigil – read description
15 Arcturian Transaction Elixir XSigil – read description
16 Arcturian Liberation Eternus 25 Archangels Autospell XSigil – read description
17 Arcturian Environmental Clearning AutoSpell XSigil – read description
18 Arcturian Asgard Gates AutoSpell XSigil – read description
19 Arcturian Lucid Dreamer XSigil – read description
20 Arcturian Razor Concentration XSigil – read description
21 Arcturian Inspiration Font XSigil – read description
22 Arcturian Life Booster XSigil – read description
23 Artcurian Love Flame On XSigil – read description

24 Arcturian Special one (ManifestAnyVideoPicturesAffirmations) XSigil

This one version of this famous eXtreme Energy:

  • Manifest any video (by watching video or using as Audio Talisman)videos can be different, can contain motion, including sounds; other people, etc., it is mostly for men (but not only), it’s manifesting only women from videos, not men, [it works also with p0rn-videos, so it is manifesting only women/woman, no men]. (Also works with slideshows and King Solomon pentacles, other symbols but excluding eXtreme Energies).
  • Video can be prepared by you, or we can help to create it.

25 Remove & Achieve XSigil

Remove negative beliefs, release negativity, release negative emotions about something (up to three files) from mind/body/consciousness/memory and finally achieve it.


• Symbols, pentacles, objects of desires
• Pictures of desired people (or similar people)
• Video of something desired
• Positive keywords, affirmations

26 Remove & Avoid XSigil

Remove negative beliefs, release negativity, release negative emotions about something (up to three files) from mind/body/consciousness/memory and avoid it (or somebody) (keep away from it) and not think about it/somebody.


• Pictures of sugar, candy’s
• Pictures of unwanted person(s)
• Video of something unwanted
• Negative keywords

27 Frequency, Rife, Binaural, Brainwave (Healing, Beneficial Abilities) XSigil

Ideally, when you choose one file, however maximally you can choose up to three (mix) frequencies/healing tones. Optionally, you can decide for music, for example to gain healing frequencies: birds, nature sounds, cosmos sounds, healing music.


  • Rife Healing Frequencies (i.e., Allergies, Heal Sexual Dysfunction), Solfeggio, Chakra Frequencies, etc.

  • Binaural like “Alpha Meditation”, or “Deep Mind Ultra 2”, etc.

  • Nature sounds, birds, ocean waves, forest sounds, cosmos sounds

  • Other healing music, like Native American music, etc.

28 Healing, Beneficial Abilities of Herbs, Crystals, Food (Healing, Beneficial Abilities) with balancing effect XSigil

Select up to three pictures (eventually videos, but better pictures).
This XSigil will gather healing/beneficial frequencies/energies/etc. from Herbs, Crystals, Food which are in the pictures and add these beneficial abilities, healing abilities.

• Herbs, mixtures of herbs, or like few herbs in one picture
• Pictures of crystals, or few crystals in one picture, few pictures of different ones, or one picture with one crystal
• Other like rocks, stones, fossils, etc.
• Food like for example: oranges, apples, strawberries, mushrooms, etc.; one or few, or many at once on up to three pictures

29 Healing, Beneficial Abilities of Nature pictures, simple symbols XSigil

Healing, Beneficial Abilities of Nature pictures, simple symbols (Healing, Beneficial Abilities) with ground of all negativity, unhealthy energies, unhealthy emotions, —finally with Balancing Effect. Mother Earth, Cosmos, Universal healing energies too.

You can choose up to three pictures (eventually videos, but ideally if pictures).
This will gather healing/beneficial frequencies/energies/etc. from places/simple-symbols which are in pictures and add these beneficial abilities, healing abilities to the XSigil.

• Beautiful Nature pictures
• Pictures of trees, forests, woods, fields, rivers, lakes, etc.
• Places as Pyramids, Stone Circles, Stonehenge,
• Simple symbols like Tree of Life, Om, Crop Circles Symbols, Universal Symbols, etc.

(If you know such places to which you literally love, it may have an even more deep, profound healing effect).

30 Learn from e-book, text, video, pictures

Learn, accumulate knowledge, comprehend upon up to three files.

• E-books like for example “Magnetic Attraction by Joseph Plazo”
• Text, or even positive statements, affirmations (good for positive thinking re-programming)
• Something to learn quickly, for example scheme of success in business
• Video that shows morning exercises
• Picture/diagram with meridians within the human body

MP4 XSigil Video may contain in motion the objects for which is has been done; however, in the case of “Remove & Avoid” it’s recommended it will not be seen.

It is highly recommended that each MP4 video is unique (in other words, it can’t be downloaded, for example via YouTube).

Optimal duration is 1 minute; maximal is 2 minutes. Over two minutes, energy may not be effective.

You can choose:

Indeed, providing sound, motion content is optional, by default the video orientation will apply to phone, not TV.

The entire energy programming is what we’ll do, the video content is optional.

You don’t need to go through the part of picking up content for video.

Your picture is not required for temporary XSigils.

There are two versions (and two different prices):

  • MP4 video created by SMF Team (upon your chosen content or the content of video which will be chosen by us)
  • MP4 video files which you will create yourself and deliver to us

Copyright: 3 Months XSigils can be used by you and only you; no blood-relatives.

XSigils FAQ is here: https://seductionmagicflow.com/virtual-psionics-sigils/ (on top of the page)

Time of creation: 7–14 days (in some cases earlier), in other rare cases up to 21 days.

3 Months Arcturian XSigil

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3 Months Arcturian XSigil (re-charge or upon video delivered to us)

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